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What options are there for learning Korean?

You can book cost-effective language lessons in Daegu through us. There is a less intensive course (2 times a week for 90 minutes each) or a more intensive option (5 times a week for 90 minutes each).

It is possible to start as a beginner or as an advanced learner. If you don't want to start at the beginner's level, you can take a placement test on your first day to evaluate your level.

In addition, language students can also participate in an English-Korean language exchange at no additional cost. It takes place daily (Monday to Friday) at 10am and 7pm for 2 hours each, where you speak one hour in English and one hour in Korean with a Korean person who wants to improve their English conversation skills and who will teach you Korean in exchange.

Please note that
for some nationalities, there are restrictions on the maximum duration of language lessons they can legally attend during their 12 months in Korea. These nationalities are:
_Canadian: 3 months
_Australian: 4 months
Ireland, New Zealand, Israel, Hong Kong, Belgium, Denmark: 6 months

Updated on: 29/12/2023