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Is there a cost to the Working Holiday visa?

The visa application fee may vary depending on your nationality. At some countries there is a distinction between single entry and multiple entry, and prices may vary. Even within the same country there might be price differences between the embassy, the consulates and the Korea Visa Application Centers (KVAC), which exist in France, Germany and in the UK. Be aware that most embassies and consulates take only cash and in most cases only the local currency of the country where you apply. There is no refund for paid visa application fees, even in case of rejection.

In some countries, the visa is free (Argentina, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Spain, Taiwan).

Most countries charge in the range of 50-80 EUR/USD.

The visa is considerably more expensive in the UK (154 GBP) and in Australia (520 AUD).

Note: The costs can change at any time, and the information here is for your reference only.

Updated on: 29/12/2023