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How does a year of Working Holiday in Japan usually look like?

In Japan, Working Holidays are usually NOT done as a "Road Trip" or "Backpacking" style, as commonly done in Australia or New Zealand, where you can easily travel and do short-time jobs (e.g., picking strawberries for a week). Such jobs are usually not available in Japan. Instead, you should plan to stay longer (a minimum of 3 months) in one location to realistically find a job there.

The typical stay for most participants involves spending several months with us in Tokyo or Kyoto, residing in a Share House and working part-time. Many start with language lessons at the language school while working part-time for 1-3 months. As they become more proficient in Japanese, some switch to full-time jobs and continue learning Japanese less intensively, perhaps at a community center once or twice a week or online.

Once participants are more familiar with jobs and routines in Japan, they travel (often with other participants they meet locally) to another city. If you started in Tokyo, you might move to Kyoto, live in our Sharehouse, and receive our support, or vice versa if you began your time in Japan in Kyoto. You can also travel to a completely different city or region and organize accommodation and a job there yourself. We have Sharehouse partners in other cities such as Osaka or Sapporo. In Chatan/Okinawa, we operate our own Sharehouse.

Our pre-arranged farm and ryokan jobs are possible for durations as short as 2 weeks and can be scheduled at any time within your year in Japan. Babysitter jobs are available throughout Japan.

However, some participants choose to stay in Tokyo or Kyoto with us for the entire duration.

It is essential to mention that you have complete freedom to choose the city you want to travel to, where you want to live, and what activities you want to engage in. You incur no obligations when booking with us.

Updated on: 28/12/2023