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How much money do I need to be able to join the Working Holiday program in Japan?

You must be able to pay for your flight, our service package, and cover 2 months of living costs plus your travel health insurance (around 50 USD/month). This amounts to around 2500 EUR/2800 USD.

Typically, you can find a job within 2 weeks after your arrival, but it may happen that you will only receive your first salary at the end of the second month, so you should be able to cover this period.

Comparing expenses and income, you will relatively quickly break even (within the 3rd and 5th months).

It is also a requirement to prove sufficient funds in your bank account to apply for the visa (amounts vary depending on the country).

You should have a credit card to access money at the beginning of your stay.

Updated on: 01/01/2024