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What is the cost of living in Japan?

When you live in our share houses in Tokyo, Kyoto or Okinawa, a bed in a shared dorm room costs approximately 300 EUR / 340 USD per month. For self-catering (cooking for yourself or eating out inexpensively), you should budget at least around 40,000 JPY per month (approximately 250 EUR / 280 USD). In addition, a commuter ticket to travel by subway/bus between the accommodation and workplace/language school costs around 50-80 EUR (55-90 USD) depending on the distance and connection between accommodation and workplace.

So, the minimum cost of living is around 600-650 EUR (670-720 USD) per month.

If you stay at a single room in a sharehouse, you need to budget with a minimum rent of around 500-600 EUR (550-670 USD) per month.

In smaller towns, rental costs are often lower, but food expenses (at supermarkets and restaurants) are often higher due to less competition.

Updated on: 29/12/2023