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How do I get a job in Japan?

Our standard Working Holiday support program in Japan(available in Tokyo and Kyoto) does not include job arrangement before your arrival. Instead, we assist you in finding employment while you are already in Japan. The following services are offered:

Our weekly group Job Counselling Session prepares you for everything you need to know about the Japanese working environment, including a mock job interview. Once per month we offer this session remotely for those to join who are elsewhere in Japan and cannot join at one of our offices
In our Job 1-on-1 Sessions, we help you refine your resume and craft a cover letter.
A preparation video with an intercultural focus on "Working with Japanese people" is provided.
We can accompany you to the Japanese Employment Office, which offers job positions from a vast database without requiring native Japanese language skills.
Additionally, we will translate your CV/Resume from English to Japanese.
During office hours, we assist you in finding suitable job opportunities, guide you through the application process, and help with communication in Japanese. We also review work contracts.
Available positions are regularly posted for our participants on our LINE group.
Our office provides computers and a printer for your job search and document printing.
Our support is available throughout the entire duration of your Working Holiday Visa in Japan.

For a small additional fee, we can arrange jobs for you, often even before your arrival. The following jobs can be arranged:

Farm jobs across Japan
Positions at traditional Japanese hotels (ryokans) throughout Japan
Babysitter jobs across Japan
English and French assistant language teacher positions at public schools nationwide
Ski resort jobs in northern Japan (both winter and summer seasons)

Updated on: 01/01/2024