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What are typical jobs for Working Holiday Visa holders in Japan?

Typical Jobs are:

Service staff at restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, tourism-related businesses
English teacher or other foreign languages teacher at formal language schools (normally it requires qualification) or kindergartens, afterschool clubs or language cafes (no experience or qualification needed and non-native speakers can apply)
Nanny, babysitter & childcare
Housekeeping/cleaning Jobs at hotels or offices
Delivery services and moving companies
Traffic Control Guards (e.g. at construction sites)
Sales person at shops (usually requires advanced level of Japanese skills)
Factory work (e.g. packaging goods, loading and unloading cargo)
Farm work (outside of Tokyo)

If you have some professional qualification/experience or advanced knowledge of the Japanese language, it is possible to get more qualified positions and higher wages.

Updated on: 01/01/2024