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How much do I earn on my Working Holiday job in Japan?

In Tokyo, for common working holiday jobs, you typically earn 1000-1500 Yen (approximately 6.40-9.60 EUR/7.10-10.60 USD) per hour. However, usually, 20.42% income tax is deducted from this amount. If you work 28 hours per week (part-time), after tax, it's approximately 95,000-130,000 Yen per month (about 610-840 EUR/680-930 USD). For 40 hours of work (full-time), it's around 130,000 – 200,000 Yen per month (approximately 840-1300 EUR/930-1420 USD) with taxes deducted.

Please note that due to the weakness of the Japanese currency Yen, the cost of living in Japan is relatively inexpensive.

In Kyoto, Okinawa, as well as in our organized farm work and ryokan jobs, and in jobs in smaller cities, the salary is approximately 20% lower, but the cost of living, particularly rent, is also correspondingly lower than in Tokyo. For farm work/ryokan jobs, accommodation is often subsidized by the employer and much cheaper than the local rents. Additionally, you often get very affordable meals there.

Updated on: 31/12/2023