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Can I arrange my own accommodation and in this case do I get a discount on the service package?

You can arrange your own accommodation and still make use of our Working Holiday support services. If you arrange your own accommodation in Tokyo or Kyoto/Osaka, you can come to one of our offices to use our support services. In this case, we won't go with you to a different city office to complete the registration of your residence, apply for MyNumber, and register for health insurance, other than in the districts where our sharehouses are located. However, we can fill out the application forms with you in our office and explain in detail where you need to submit them, depending on where you stay. The same applies to opening a bank account and the telephone contract. You can also participate in the job support services at our offices. Upon arrival, we will not accompany you from the airport to a self-arranged accommodation.

If you want to start your Working Holiday in a completely different city/region than Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka, we can also offer above support via video conference. Job Counselling Sessions are also available remotely once a month.

There is no discount on the service package if you organize your accommodation yourself because it even means more work for us when we have to find out about the necessary formalities in other cities where we are not as familiar with the processes, which often differ slightly.

Updated on: 31/12/2023