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Will I be the only volunteer/intern in the project in Tanzania?

In Moshi Town, we collaborate with a large number of organizations that we place volunteers and interns with. In this context, you might be the only foreign person at your particular placement. However, we typically have between 20 and 40 participants in all our programs in Moshi Town at any given time, some of whom share accommodations with you in case of shared housing. Additionally, there is a weekly meeting for all participants with our coordinators, and we have a Whatsapp group where you can connect and make plans with other participants for activities during your free time. Moshi is not a large town, and you often run into familiar faces. There are also some meeting points like cafes where you can usually find participants from our programs.

In Arusha and the Mother Nature program at Kilimanjaro, we usually have several other participants as well.

In some programs in rural areas, there may not be other participants at the same time. If you prefer to fully immerse yourself in Tanzanian life, this might be the choice for you! However, even in the cities, you have the flexibility to decide how closely or loosely you want to spend your time with other participants.

Updated on: 05/01/2024