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During my stay, can I travel around in Tanzania?

Certainly, you can travel around, and in fact, most of our participants do. There are many worthwhile destinations in Tanzania, and often you can plan this locally with other participants.

Most participants go on a safari to the northern national parks of Tanzania, climb Kilimanjaro, and take day trips from Moshi. Participants in World Unite! programs receive a 15% discount on safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs, and day trips from Budget Safari Tanzania and 15% off offerings from Zanzibar.Eco.

You can also travel from the Tanzanian mainland to Zanzibar and stay there cost-effectively in our accommodations, meet other participants, and explore the beaches, culture, and natural beauty of Zanzibar.

If your absence due to traveling falls within your volunteering/internship period, it's advisable to check with your volunteering/internship placement early on whether it's acceptable. We recommend planning your travels after your volunteering/internship, and you can extend your stay in your accommodation at favorable rates.

Updated on: 05/01/2024