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Should I apply for the Working Holiday/Youth Mobility visa in my home country or in Germany?

Citizens of Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina can only apply for the Working Holiday Visa at the German Embassy in their home country.

Citizens of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, and New Zealand can apply for the visa either at any German Embassy or at any immigration office in Germany.

However, we strongly recommend that you preferentially apply through the German Embassies in your home country. In German cities such as Berlin, there may be very long waiting times, spanning several months, to secure an appointment. You might not even be able to stay in Germany for such long time without a visa, and it is prohibited to work for remuneration until the visa is issued.

If you are already in Germany, you might be able to secure an appointment more quickly in smaller cities. It's also possible to visit a German Embassy in a neighboring European country, such as Poland or France. If the visa has not yet been issued, you can avail our placement service for unpaid farm work.

Updated on: 02/01/2024