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Will I be the only volunteer/intern in the project in Zanzibar?

In the case of the Mother Nature programs, there are always other participants on-site in the program.

In Zanzibar Town, we collaborate with a large number of organizations where we place volunteers and interns. Here, you might be the only foreign person at your placement. However, at any given time in Zanzibar Town, we have between 20 and 40 participants in all our programs, some of whom share accommodations with you in case of shared housing. Additionally, there is a weekly meeting between all participants and our coordinators, and we have a WhatsApp group for all participants, allowing you to connect and plan activities with others. Stone Town is not a large city, so you will easily run into other participants.

If you are in another location in Zanzibar such as doing a hotel internship, which are located at many locations across the island, there might not be another participant from our programs there simultaneously. However, you will still be part of our participants' WhatsApp group, and since the island is not very large, you can easily meet other participants at other locations using public transportation.

Updated on: 05/01/2024