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Will I be the only participant at my destination, or will I have contact with other international program participants?

At almost all locations, we have other program participants at all times. We are also partners with major travel agencies and tour operators specializing in the fields of work experience travel, educational travel and youth travel from around the world at many locations, providing on-site support services in the countries in which we are active for the participants they book into our programs. We have over 3000 participants in our programs each year.

Even if other participants are engaged in different activities than you at the same destination, you may share with them an apartment, sharehouse, or a host family. We also offer regular local meet-ups between our local coordinators and all program participants. There are Whatsapp/LINE groups for all participants at each location, where you can share information and for instance plan joint leisure activities. Additionally, you can get to know other participants in the online preparation sessions, and you can exchange contact information.

If you prefer to encounter as few other foreign travelers as possible, let us know, and we can organize a program for you where you can fully immerse yourself in local life with minimal contact with other foreign travelers.

Updated on: 06/01/2024