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What is a suitable clothing style for women?

At the Mother Nature Camp, on a tourist beach, in hotels, and in restaurants of tourist nature (not in small local eateries), you can wear similar summer clothing as you would at home, and swimwear, including bikinis.

However, please remember that on the way there, in villages, or in Zanzibar Town, as a woman, you should always cover your knees and shoulders. Thin scarves work well for this purpose, as you can easily wrap them around your hips or drape them over your shoulders.

At your placement, when working with locals, always wear clothing that is longer than knee-length and covers your shoulders and neckline. If you go to schools, for teaching or participating in environmental education activities as part of environmental programs, you have a role model function for children and should be conservatively, non-form-fittingly dressed. We have some loose, African dresses for women at the Mother Nature Camp that you can borrow for such activities.

Updated on: 05/01/2024