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How are the families chosen where program participants are placed?

We have a partner organization in Ireland with around 15 team members who constantly visit the 400 host families we work with. All host families undergo inspection, including the bedroom provided to the participant, communal areas shared with the participant, and the working environment. There is a discussion with the families to learn about their needs and expectations and to educate them on applicants' needs and expectations. The director of our Irish partner organization is a mother herself and states that her main criterion is being happy to leave her own son or daughter with that family.

The hosts all provide a completed application form, terms and conditions, a host questionnaire, a training agreement, and a GDPR form. They are then all subjected to police checks.

All participants are regularly contacted by phone during their stay by the local team and asked to provide feedback, and after their program participation fill out a feedback form, which is evaluated to detect potential issues.

Updated on: 02/01/2024